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Jasmine Wright - Performer & Founder


Jasmine has worked for world-renowned themeparks and touring stage shows in various entertainment roles. She began her children's character-themed party business in 2013, after doing volunteer princess visits through Birthday Dreams nonprofit organization, as well as children's hospitals.


Upon graduating Magna Cum Laude from University of Washington class of 2015 with a BA in Dance and Minor in Music, Jasmine began working in Film, Television, Commercials, and Theatre in Seattle. This work eventually took her to Los Angeles, where she also taught dance classes to children and teens.

After working for two years in Los Angeles, Jasmine returned home to WA state where she married her husband in 2018. She continued in the Performing Arts for a little while before making a drastic decision to step into the world of Law Enforcement.


She left the arts briefly when she was hired in 2019 as a local police officer, completing the WA State Criminal Justice Training Commission's 6-month police academy and working as an officer-in-training on the road for 5 months afterward. Ultimately, she made the difficult decision to step out of Law Enforcement after deciding that the job was not for her, though she greatly values the skillset and experience that she gained.

Jasmine is now a mother enjoying family life and getting back to Princessing!









Estee Blair - Performer


Estèe has worked in the entertainment industry since she was young. She knew she was a natural performer from her love of musical theater all throughout her life. She’s played various theatrical roles, helping her to polish her performance skills. At age 13, she landed her first film and talent agency and was inspired to work in front of the camera. At 15, she taught a class of young girls about stage presence and how to grow their skills as young actresses. Estèe then went on to direct children’s performances and write screenplays, along with a brief amount of modeling.


Although Estèe loves to be in front of the camera, she also loves to work behind it. She’s always had a passion for directing short films, writing her own scripts and even making film trailers! She has studied movie making and directing for multiple years. Besides acting, she is involved in surfing, boating and public speaking. While still in school, Estèe is now pursuing her love for improvisation by bringing various princesses to life at children's birthday parties and events. 









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